Participation in the inter-authority meeting to discuss the project portfolio of the International Technical Assistance with the World Bank (Kiev, February 25, 2019)

On February 25th 2019, an inter-authority meeting to discuss the project portfolio of the International Technical Assistance (hereafter ITA) with the World Bank was held at the World Bank Office in Ukraine.
According to the meeting agenda, the primary focus was on discussing the general results of the projects’ implementation and hence solving the problematic issues that arose during the implementation process of the grants in the framework of ITA. By the end of the meeting, further plans were outlined and proposals were made for the successful implementation of the projects. The central executive authorities, heads of state scientific institutions and other government bodies participated in the meeting.
Klavdiya Maksymenko, Senior Country Officer at the World Bank in Ukraine and Oksana Gryshkevych, Director of the Department of State Investment Projects and Development Support of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine delivered opening speeches.
At the meeting, eight on-going grants were presented, including grant No. TF0A4096 for “Strengthening Evidence-Based Policymaking with Education Statistics and Analysis” Project, implemented by the State Scientific Institution “Institute of Educational Analytics” (hereafter SSI “IEA”). Therefore, Sergiy Londar, Director of the SSI “IEA”, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor and Andrii LytvynchukDeputy Director of the SSI “IEA”, Ph.D. in Economics participated in the meeting and presented the results of the implementation of the Key Action Plan for previous period of the project implementation and outlined the Key Action Plan for 2019 within the grant implementation framework. It should be noted that the implementation period of the project “Strengthening Evidence-Based Policymaking with Education Statistics and Analysis” was extended for 6 months, therefore the implementation period is two and a half years (January 24, 2017 – July 24, 2019).
In particular, the key project results implemented by February 20, 2019, are the following:
  • Designing the Terms of Reference for the development of the Ukrainian Education Management Information System (hereinafter DISO) (completed);
  • Review of the Terms of Reference for the DISO development by an international advisor(completed);
  • Signing a contract with a company in order to develop DISO(completed);
  • Conducting training within the framework of participation in the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) (completed);
  • Development of an Open Data Portal (in progress);
  • Signing a contract with a company on the audit within the Grant framework (in progress);
  • Procurement of server hardware (completed).
The next stage of the project implementation involves the following key tasks:
  • DISO development Contract execution(due date:  February 28, 2019);
  • Full completion of the Open Data Portal development (due date:  May 31, 2019);
  • Complete the creation of the Integrated Information Security System for DISO (due date: May 31, 2019);
  • Project audit for 2017-2018(due date:  June 30, 2019).
At the end of the meeting, participants suggested new projects ideas to further cooperation within the framework of the international technical assistance. Based on the presentations of the central executive authorities the results of the grant’s implementation were summarized and suggestions for further cooperation were made.