About the Institute

Today one of the priority directions of state reform in Ukraine is the formation of an effective educational policy and the provision of quality educational services. An important prerequisite for the implementation of such an educational policy is modern information and analytical support for the activities of educational managers: the managerial decision-making process should be carried out on the basis of reliable verified educational data, the temporary relevance of which is constantly maintained. To provide reliable information and analytical support, education management information systems should be established and used effectively for the automated collection, storage, processing and dissemination of reliable sectoral statistical information; as well as the preparation of qualified analytical materials on the basis of this information, allowing to monitor relevant trends and processes in the field of education, take them into account when making sound management decisions in the process of implementation of educational reforms. That is why, on November 26, 2014, by Resolution No. 687 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the State Scientific Institution “Institute of Educational Analytics” (hereinafter – SSI “IEA”) was founded. The main purpose of the SSI “IEA” is to provide reliable information and analytical support for the activities of the departments of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, automated collection of educational information using information systems of education management, implementation of systematic educational analytics through scientific, scientific-organizational, scientific-technical and analytical activities of the Institute.



An important aspect of the Institute’s activities is the administration of the national management information systems:

  • SOFTWARE OF HARDWARE COMPLEX “AUTOMATED INFORMATION COMPLEX OF EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT” (SHC “AICOM”) – national Education Management Information System (EMIS). SHC “AICOM” is an information and analytical system designed for use by educators for effective management of the educational institution in the field of preschool, general secondary, out-of-school, vocational and vocational pre-higher education. In particular, SHC “AICOM” is used for the collection, storage and automated processing of educational statistics for the distribution of educational subventions; keeping records of preschool and school-aged children; forming a list of textbooks selected by educational institutions for their further distribution and delivery to educational institutions; keeping records of preschool education institutions; keeping ELECTRONIC DIARIES AND JOURNALS (e-journal) and electronic document management; maintenance of financial statements of educational institutions; accounting of out-of-school education institutions, professional development of teaching staff, keeping records of students, trainees, teaching staff and material and technical support of vocational education institutions.
  • AUTOMATION SYSTEMS FOR THE INCLUSIVE-RESOURCE CENTERS (AS “IRC”) is a national education system designed to provide a common integrated information environment in inclusive education, necessary to manage the information generated by the inclusive-resource centers activities, other subjects of educational activities, automating the procedure for creating applications for a comprehensive assessment of children with special educational needs, forming conclusions about this assessment.

It should be noted that the national information systems administered by the SSI “IEA” are constantly expanding and upgrading with new applications, namely:

Today, the SSI “IEA” is the leading scientific institution in Ukraine for the development of educational statistics and analytics.

Based on the data of the national information systems and scientific research of the SSI “IEA”, proposals for the central authorities regarding legislative, organizational, scientific-methodical and informational support of the educational sector are developed.