About the Institute

Today, one of the priorities of state reform in Ukraine is the implementation of an effective educational policy and the improvement of the quality of educational services, and, consequently, optimizing the system for collecting reliable sectoral statistical information that would enable the monitoring of relevant processes and sound management decisions in the process of implementing educational reforms. That is why on November 26, 2014, the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 687 established the State Scientific Institution "Institute of Educational Analytics" (hereinafter – SSI "IEA"). The main purpose of the activity of the SSI "IEA" is the development and implementation in Ukraine a system of educational analytics through scientific, scientific-organizational, scientific-technical and analytical activities. Today the SSI "IEA" is a leading scientific institution in Ukraine for the development of educational statistics and analytics. Based on the scientific research carried out, the SSI "IEA" develops proposals to the central authorities on the regulatory and legal, organizational, scientific-methodical, and informational support of education.