Structure of the SSI «Institute of Educational Analytics»


1. Administrative and Managerial Staff
2. Department of Accounting and Financial Planning
3. Human Resources Sector 
4. Legal Work Sector 
5. Department of Administrative Services
6. Department of Education Statistics and Analytics
  6.1. Sector of Preschool Education

6.2. Sector of School Education

6.3. Sector of Vocational Education

6.4. Sector of Higher Education

6.5. Sector of Education Funding Analysis

7. Department of Education Information Systems Administration
  7.1.  Sector for the Organization of Automated Collection of Education Statistics 

7.2. Sector of Program Support

7.3. Sector of  Information Technology and Telecommunication Development

7.4. Sector of Information Security

8. Department of Educational Information Support
  8.1.  Sector of Financial and Economic Reporting

8.2. Sector of Sectoral Statistical Reporting

8.1.  Sector of System Software and Telecommunication Support

9. Department of Information Systems Development and Support
  9.1. Sector of Educational Information Systems Development

9.2. Sector of Educational Information Systems Support

9.3. Sector of Support for Digital Transformation of Education

10. Scientific and Publishing Department
11. General Services Department