Invitation to participate in the II International Scientific and Practical Conference «EDUCATION REFORM IN UKRAINE. INFORMATION AND ANALYTICAL SUPPORT» (Kyiv, October 15th, 2020)

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

State Scientific Institution «Institute of Educational Analytics»

Dear Colleagues!

We have a pleasure to invite you to participate in the

II International Scientific and Practical Conference



held on October 15th, 2020

at the SSI «Institute of Educational Analytics» (Kyiv, Ukraine)


The main purpose of the conference is to exchange knowledge and experience, the scientific discussion on finding solutions to the current problems of education and science in Ukraine, as well as the development of promising information and communication technologies for scientific and educational activities.


The form of participation in the conference is remote (distant).

Electronic Collection of abstracts and a Conference participation certificate is free of charge.


Conference Sections:

Section 1. Education management
Section 2. Financial and economic aspects of education
Section 3. Development of information and educational technologies
Section 4. Inclusive education
Section 5. General secondary education
Section 6. Vocational education
Section 7. Higher education
Section 8. Adult education
Section 9. International educational space


Regulations for participation in the conference:

To participate in the conference, it is necessary to send abstracts in electronic form to the email address of the Conference Organizing Committee ( by October 15, 2020, as well as to fill in the participant’s application form (the form is also attached). The file names must be signed according to the surname and initials of the conference participant (e. g., Surname, initials_abstracts, Surname, initials_application).

Requirements for abstracts: the manuscripts are submitted in Ukrainian or English. The abstracts should not exceed 5 printed pages in A4 format, typed in MS Word, font “Times New Roman”, font size – 14, line spacing – 1,5, all margins – 2 cm each. In the text, all statistics, tables, figures should be supported by references to the numbers of sources from the bibliography, indicating the pages to which the author refers (in square brackets).

Placement of materials: in the center – the name of the conference section (font – italics); in the upper right corner – the author’s surname and initials  (font – bold); job position, the name of the institution where the author works/studies (font – italics); the title of the abstract (capital letters, font – bold); thesis text; references used in the order of mention in the text. The Conference Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject materials that do not meet the requirements or the subject of the conference. Abstracts are not further edited; the author is responsible for the content and design of materials.

The collection of abstracts and certificates in electronic form will be sent to the authors’ email addresses. The conference materials will also be available on the website of the SSI «Institute of Educational Analytics» under the heading «Materials of communication events». Separate reports on the willingness of the authors may be printed after completion in the journal «Educational Analytics of Ukraine».


For additional information please contact the Conference Organizing Committee:

SSI «Institute of Educational Analytics»

Address: 5 Volodymyra Vynnychenka str., Kyiv, Ukraine

Conference email:

Conference coordinators’telephone: (096) 626-10-25 (Natalia Pron)

Information conference list in Ukrainian and English.


P.S. Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the conference program may change.


We wish all the participants success and hope for cooperation!