As a part of the preparation of the draft Law of Ukraine “On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2023”, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is working to amend Resolution No. 1088 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated December 27, 2017 “On approval of the formula for the allocation of educational subventions between local budgets” for the purpose to allocate the funds of the educational subvention for 2023 between local budgets.

The Ministry was forced to change approaches to the gathering of information about the student contingent as a direct result of several factors, such as the beginning of Russia’s full-scale armed aggression and the implementation of martial law in Ukraine, as well as the postponement of the annual data acquisition of the administrative statistical reporting.

The allocation of the amount of educational subvention for the year 2023 will be carried out based on the acquired individual data of the students according to the Order of the Ministry No.795 “On the acquisition of the departmental administrative reporting of preschool, general secondary and out-of-school education in 2022/2023 academic year”, dated 06.09.2022 (hereinafter – the Order). The data files for each individual student in the education system will make it possible to prevent the double recording of the students after their forced relocation. The national database, the software and hardware complex “Automated Information Complex of Educational Management” (hereinafter – AICOM), administered by the SSI “Institute of Educational Analytics”, will be a medium for information gathering. The quality of the primary data directly determines the robustness of the simulation for the allocation of educational subvention funds.

The Order contains detailed information on the list of forms and deadlines for submission of the statistical reports, as well as a step-by-step algorithm for filling out individual student and teaching staff registration cards by authorized employees of the educational institutions. Please, be aware that the AICOM meets the national requirements for information protection (it has a built-in and certified KSZI (comprehensive information security system)) and can process and store personal data of the participants in the educational process, which are necessary for the Ministry and education management bodies to fulfill their obligations and authorities, provided for by law, to be able to guarantee the constitutional right for education.

We also inform you that the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine analyzed the Order and recognized it not to be a subject of the state registration.

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