Today one of the most important issues in Ukraine is to provide education sector management based on accurate sectoral statistics and analytics that would give an opportunity to monitor the relevant processes, and to make informed management decisions in education reforming. That is why the Government of Ukraine in 2014 established the Institute of Educational Analytics (IEA), whose purpose is the development of educational statistics, along with collection, processing, and analysis of educational information. Analytical information is used by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to develop measures for implementation of the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”, “On Education”, etc. It is also used for legal justification for new legislative initiatives, including the improvement of education funding model.

The main activity of IEA is science. The functions of the IEA are as follows: the development and implementation of information and communication technologies for the collection, transmission, processing, storage and dissemination of educational information; monitoring of quantitative and qualitative indicators of educational status and processes; creating databases and analytical reference in the field of education; educational analytics and more. On the basis of the research proposals IEA develops central authorities on legal, organizational, scientific and methodological, information education. Another activity is educational in terms of training teachers, administrators on educational statistics, educational information, analytical systems.

IEA has qualified staff with significant experience in the financial, educational sphere and in the field of computer modelling, design and maintenance of informational and analytical systems, collecting educational statistics.