Analytical report “Conditions of the secondary education reforming in the beginning of 2018/2019 academic year in the context of teachers educational activities of the 1st grade”


The report describes the online survey results of 1 class teachers, which allows us to figure out the level of tutors’ readiness for teaching in accordance with the new State standard of primary education. Presented conclusions can be used to improve the process of introducing new approaches to the new Ukrainian school.





Analytical report “Content Analysis of the sites of hub schools”


The report shows the results of the content analysis of the hub school sites, the compliance of their content information with the current requirements for the public information openness. The presented results can be used to improve the information policy of the hub school’s activities and their promotion.





Presentation-report on the results of monitoring the implementation of new approaches to elementary school education  2017/2018 academic year (Pilot NUS, Grade 1st, II phase)


The presentation summarizes the results of a coaches survey, directors and teachers of pilot schools participating in the nationwide experiment, conducted from May 23 to June 8, 2018, as part of the new approaches introduction monitoring of elementary school education.










Analytical report “The impact of the socioeconomic environment on the results of students’ (pupils’) training of general educational institutions (II phase)”


Ensuring comprehensive quality education is directly related to the reduction of the influence of socio-economic factors on the learning outcomes. The report highlights the results of national-level research, that examined the influence of socioeconomic origin on families` financial situation, places of residence and education on the learning outcomes of secondary school graduates.



Analytical report on the results of the implementation process monitoring of new approaches to elementary school education (1st grade)


The report presents the results of introducing process new approaches to primary school education monitoring study (Phase I of the research – questionnaire survey of participants of the experiment). The research was conducted in October 2017 using a quantitative data collection strategy to obtain statistically reliable data. Respondents are regional coaches, directors of general secondary schools, on the basis of which an all-Ukrainian experiment “Development and implementation of the educational and methodological provision of primary education in the conditions of realization of the new State standard of primary general secondary education”, teachers of the first pilot classes, parents of students. The research tool is a paper questionnaire, with a total of 1414 respondents (143 teachers, 84 school principals, 29 regional coaches, 1158 first-graders` parents). Based on the results of the first monitoring phase, conclusions were formulated and recommendations made.