Eurointegration of Ukrainian education: workshop held in cooperation with Eurydice Network (Kyiv, 7 June 2024)

On 7 June 2024, a workshop on the internationalisation of Ukrainian education in the context of integration with the EU was held at the SSI “Institute of Educational Analytics”. The event was conducted within the framework of the Eurydice Network in Ukraine: Access and Cooperation” (ENUAC) project, co-funded by the European Commission.

The event was attended by representatives of government agencies, NGOs and international organisations, as well as educational and research institutions. The format of the event was mixed, which made it possible to engage participants both online and offline.

The aim of the workshop was to discuss topical issues of internationalisation of education and opportunities to deepen cooperation with the EU in the field of education, in particular through the Eurydice Network. An important aspect of the event was a discussion on the urgent challenges in the national education system caused by russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine.

Ukraine’s strategic course towards full EU membership is stipulated in its Constitution. In June 2022, the European Council made a historic decision to grant Ukraine the status of a candidate for membership in the European Union, and in December 2023, it decided to start negotiations with our country regarding accession. As part of deepening cooperation with the EU in the field of education, in January 2024, Ukraine officially joined the European educational information network Eurydice, and the SSI “Institute of Educational Analytics” became the National Unit of the network in Ukraine.

Andrii Lytvynchuk, Head of the Eurydice National Unit in Ukraine, Acting Director of the SSI “Institute of Educational Analytics”, PhD in Economics, Senior Researcher, reviewed the key aspects of the ENUAC project implementation in his speech. He emphasised that Ukraine’s accession to the Eurydice network opens up wide opportunities for the integration of Ukrainian education into the European educational space and helps to strengthen cooperation with European partners, namely:

  • filling in the profile of the national education system of Ukraine on the Eurydice website, which is an effective tool to spread information about national education, an opportunity to emphasise its unique features and compare key educational indicators with European standards;
  • publishing information about the most important reforms in the educational sector of Ukraine that are in line with European educational trends and contribute to Ukraine’s accession to the EU.

It is important that in the future, within the framework of cooperation with Eurydice, a mechanism for sharing best practices and conducting joint research will be introduced to improve the quality of the education system and implement evidence-based policy reforms.

Oleksandra Husak, Director General of the Directorate for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of the Ministry of Education and Science, spoke about the main results and priorities in the implementation of European integration policy, including in the field of education and science. She made an emphasis that on 15 June 2023 the Ministry of Education and Science signed an agreement with the European Commission on cooperation in the field of education, which, among other things, became a catalyst for the official establishment of national focal points, such as Eurydice, eTwinning, European Qualification Framework, EUROPASS, Euroguidance. Ms Husak also highlighted other important steps towards harmonisation with the European education area, in particular, she focused on the importance of data-driven policy.

Other speakers presented in their reports the peculiarities of the functioning of the national education system at different educational levels during the martial law regime in Ukraine. In addition, the participants discussed the directions of reforming the Ukrainian education system in the context of current challenges and European integration opportunities.

This workshop was an important step towards Ukraine’s deeper integration into the European educational community. It created a platform for sharing experiences, establishing new contacts and strengthening cooperation. The participants expressed their hope for further development of joint initiatives and projects aimed at improving the quality of education in Ukraine and its integration into the European educational space.