On 24 May 2023, a strategic session was held to develop a Roadmap for European Integration with the participation of Yevhen Kudriavets, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine for European Integration. According to the social survey of the group “Rating”, 87% of Ukrainians would vote to join the European Union in the case of a relevant referendum. That is why it is important to create a Roadmap for the harmonization of sectoral policies and legislation in the fields of education and science with the EU acquis, developed using the RBM (results-based management) methodology and with the mandatory application of the human-centred approach.

The purpose of the creation of such a map is so that education seekers, educators and scientists use the advantages of Ukraine’s membership in the EU, develop and have the opportunity to realize their potential.

The path to European integration is not only about the formal implementation of the Association Agreement and all its requirements. First and foremost, it is about cultural change:

  • Priority of the content and sense, not a formal execution. Education and science are those pillars that help us to integrate into the European system of values from kindergarten and school.
  • Our citizens must confidently identify themselves as Ukrainians and as members of the European community.
  • Every Ukrainian man and woman should become competitive at the level of a citizen of any other European country.

The result of the strategy will become the Roadmap, which forms the vision, will contain concrete steps and also structures the work in the sphere of European integration of education and science.

The event was attended by Vice Prime Minister Olga Stefanishyna, people’s deputies Roman Hryshchuk and Vadym Halaychuk, representatives of the Government Office for Coordination of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine, National Agency for Qualifications, National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Youth and Sport of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, National Research Foundation, State Service of Education Quality, Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment, the EU Delegation to Ukraine, Reform Support Team of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (MESU), National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and others. From the SSI “Institute of Educational Analytics”, the First Deputy Director, PhD in Economics Andrii Lytvynchuk took part in the event.

Information and photos by the MESU Press Center