The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine team continues to develop the Automated Information Complex of Educational Management (AICEM) to digitise the flow of documents in schools.

Recently, the team has signed new cooperation agreements with two educational information systems (EIS): “My School” (IT PRO LLC) and “New Knowledge” (New Knowledge LLC). In total, now we have 5 educational information systems that meet the security and technical requirements for integration into AICEM.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine regularly organises information exchange between the central database of AICEM and the educational information systems in order to improve the document flow process in educational institutions.

The interaction between EIS and AICEM enables the conversion of various reporting forms into electronic format. This improves the credibility of educational, statistical, and administrative information, allowing for the automated maintenance of electronic journals and logs without needing paper duplication.

Previously, EIS “Eddy”, “Unified School” and “Human School” joined AICEM. As a result, over 1300 educational institutions actively transmit data to AICEM using selected educational information systems.

Four additional applications for connection have been received from educational information systems, namely “N&T”, “Smart School”, “Atoms” and “Prosvita”. The configuration process and detailed verification of compliance with all requirements are underway for the other ten  EIS.

Work on the digitalisation of administrative processes in educational institutions is ongoing.

Information and photos by the Press Centre of the Ministry of Education and Science