Implementation of State Policy in the Field of General Secondary Education Reform “New Ukrainian School”


The monograph presents research findings of the SSI “Institute of Educational Analytics” covering various aspects of the implementation of the principles of the New Ukrainian School (NUS). The authors of the study considered a number of relevant issues, including the legal and regulatory framework for the implementation of the NUS Concept; risk factors for the NUS realization; development of a teacher training system for the NUS; models of educational indicators as a component of the toolkit for evaluating the effectiveness of the reform; theoretical and methodological bases for the establishment the system of financing school education and modern methods for assessing the effectiveness of budget expenditures in this area. The scientific publication is aimed at a wide range of experts in the educational sector interested in educational statistics and analytics for a reasonable assessment of the implementation of the NUS principles, in particular public officials, representatives of local self-government authorities, researchers and educators.