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The scientific-practical journal «Educational Analytics of Ukraine» is welcoming the submission of articles on problematic and relevant issues of educational statistics and analytics for the next issue of the journal.

Topical sections of the journal:

  • Education management
  • Education economics
  • Higher education
  • Secondary education
  • Vocational and technical (VET) education
  • Current issues. Scientific discussion in the field of education
  • International educational space
  • Practical statistics and education analytics

To publish an article, please send an e-mail to the Secretary-in-Charge of the Editorial Board ( with the following information:

1) an article drawn up in accordance with the submission requirements

2) information about the author

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The journal is focused on a wide range of readers: employees of Ministries and Agencies, regional authorities and local government in Ukraine, scientists, practitioners, and students. For more information and instructions, please, visit the journal website.

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