Comparative analysis of planned and actual expenditures 

                  of the state budget and some local budgets

in the field of education

(Publication date: 30.03.2018)



Optimization of statistical reporting forms of the

professional (professional-vocational) education institutions

(Publication date: 14.05.2018) 


Determination of factors influencing the process of

financing of the education sector at the state and local levels

(Publication date: 25.06.2018) 


  Analytical review of approaches towards tools modernization

in order to conduct monitoring investigations regarding the

     actual employment of graduates of the higher and professional

(professional-vocational) education institutions

(Publication date: 04.10.2018) 



Substantiation of financial indicators of higher education

institutions in the system of statistical information

(Publication date: 25.06.2018)


Layout design of the projects of the Sectoral qualification

framework and Sectoral wage rate scale for teaching

and academic staff

(Publication date: 30.07.2018)




Defining the structure of finance expenditure in terms

of central and local budgets

(according to a certain list of local authorities)

(Publication date: 09.11.2018)




On the structure of statistical data from higher education

institutions in order to support the educational measurements

(Publication date: 25.05.2018) 




Main directions of improvement and development of

academic mobility in Ukraine

(Publication date: 15.11.2018)


The assessment of the state and problems of

academic mobility in Ukraine

(Publication date: 15.11.2018)




Results of the Independent External Evaluation (IEE)

in the information provision of the

State information system of education (DISO)

(Publication date: 25.07.2018)



Study of the prognostic validity of a Common professional

entrance examination for Master’s Degree Programs

in specialization 081 “Law” in 2017

(Publication date: 27.10.2018)