In light of the challenges and urgent needs faced by the Ukrainian education system in combating the COVID-19 pandemic, and to deregulate and streamline the management of the education system, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has taken the initiative to simplify document flow in general secondary education institutions (GSEIs). The SSI “Institute of Educational Analytics” (Order No. 781 dated 09.06.2020) was tasked with developing state-free electronic journals and diaries within the framework of the development of the Software and Hardware Complex “Automated Complex of Educational Management” (SHC “AICOM”), which is a modernised IT system “DISO”. The implementation of this software product represents a significant innovation in the field of educational technology, offering convenient online tools for pedagogical staff, parents, and students of GSEIs. These tools ensure 24/7 access to grades, attendance, and other journal resources.
The implementation of such an IT solution is particularly relevant for those GSEIs and communities that cannot afford to purchase alternative commercial software products.