The first number of the scientific and practical journal “Educational analyst of Ukraine” came out.

The Institute of Educational Analytics initiated (as the founder and publisher directly) the work on establishing on a regular basis the issue of the scientific and practical magazine “Educational analyst of Ukraine” (Certificate on the state registration of printed mass media KV № 22862-12762r dated 28.08.2017). The wonderful news is that “I saw the light” issue number 1 (1).

Today, the editorial board of the scientific and practical journal includes: Sergey Leonardovich, Dr. Econ. Sciences, prof. (Editor in Chief); Bakhrushin Vladimir Yevgenovich, doctor, phys-mate. Sciences, prof .; Grinevich Lilia Mikhailovna, candidate. ped Sciences, associate professor; Gapon Valentina Vasylivna, Cand. ped Sciences; Gulova Lena, Ph. D; Denysyuk Oksana Yakivna (Deputy Editor-in-Chief); Zatonatskaya Tetyana Georgiyevna, Dr. Econ. Sciences, associate professor; Dewey Jean-François; Kovtunets Volodymyr Vitaliyovych, Cand. physical mat. Sciences, associate professor; Kolosova Viktoriya Pavlovna, Cand. econ Sciences, associate professor; Kononenko Yuri Grigorievich; Korneeva Tatyana, Ph. D, prof .; Kryshtof Svetlana Dmitrievna, candidate. ped Sciences, Art. sciences employee; Kuznetsov Konstantin Vladimirovich, candidate. state sciences exercise (deputy editor); Kuchinsky Nikolai Sigismundovich; Lesnikova Marina Valentinovna, candidate. econ Sciences, Art. sciences
employee; Litvinchuk Andriy Aleksandrovich, Cand., Econom. Sciences (deputy editor-in-chief); Melnyk Sergey Victorovich, candidate. econ Sciences, associate professor; Polyansky Pavel Bronislavovich, Cand. is Sciences., Associate Professor, Rakov Sergey Anatolyevich, Dr. Ped. Sciences, associate professor; Rashkevych Yuriy Mikhailovich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Anna Tereshchenko, Candidate of Economics, Econom. Sciences, Art. sciences employee (executive secretary); Hobbies Pavel Kuzmovich, Cand. physical mat. Sciences; Sharov Oleg Igorevich, candidate. physical mat. Sciences, associate professor; Shevtsov Andriy Harveyevich, Dr. Ped. Sciences, prof .; Chip Radim, Ph. D; Chumak Oksana Vladimirovna, Cand., Econom. Sciences, associate professor

The great honor for the Institute is that the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Liliya Mikhailivna Grinevich supported the initiative to create the magazine and wrote an introductory word to him, which is quoted below.

Education reform is one of the key elements of the transformation that the Ukrainian government is currently implementing to implement the European integration process. Educational reform should ensure entry into the European and world educational space, improvement of the process of providing educational services, equal access of citizens to quality education, modernization of its content in accordance with the needs of the modern labor market.

Successful implementation of educational reform is impossible without modern information and analytical support. Management decisions will be more prudent if approved on the basis of reliable industry statistics and analytical studies, and implementation of the decisions will be implemented using integrated monitoring.

Modern international practice in the collection and processing of statistical information in the field of education covers a very wide range of indicators for the most diverse educational areas, from the state of preschool, secondary, vocational, higher education to the identification of the relationship of the level of education of the individual with the needs of the labor market, income of the population, etc. Developed in different countries, in particular the European Union, the information and analytical bases give the opportunity to form a successful educational policy, to respond in a timely manner to the problems that arise.

In Ukraine, the information and analytical component of the education management is still not enough. This is due to the fact that educational statistics in Ukraine are still disintegrated, insufficiently comprehensive and complete, it does not provide for a number of indicators necessary, in particular, for financial management of the field of education, etc. Therefore, the development of educational statistics in Ukraine, bringing it in line with international standards, the formation of educational analytics on this basis is an extremely important task, which is defined by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The fulfillment of this task is entrusted to the State Scientific Institution “Institute of Educational Analysis”.

The Institute initiates the establishment of the journal “Educational analyst of Ukraine” in order to develop educational statistics, improve the methodology for the collection, processing and analysis of educational information. Creation of this edition is an important step in the process of developing a system of informational and analytical support for the management of Ukrainian education. The journal “Educational analytics of Ukraine” should become the platform for professional discussions, exchange of opinions of scientists and practitioners on the development of information and analytical support for the management of the education system at all its levels, a detailed analysis of international experience on these issues. We hope that the contents of the magazine will attract the attention of a wide range of specialists-educators both in Ukraine and abroad.